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Front axle Ducati Ducati 81910601A in titanium


Foto Front axle Ducati Ducati 81910601A in titanium
Why mount a Kbike Titanium axle?

Titanium is as resistant as steel, but it is more rigid and tough and due to its low specific volume it weighs about 40% less.

It is also the metal that has the best resistance to corrosion and compared to any other material, with the same mechanical resistance, it has the highest fatigue resistance values.

The Kbike wheel axles are made of grade 5 Titanium, an alloy widely used in the aerospace sector and in the world of motor racing.

They are interchangeable with the originals but guarantee greater reliability and significant weight savings.

Axle weight 201,70 grams.

All Kbike products are made for Racing use only.

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