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Lightweight Flywheel Kg 0,800

Lightweight flywheel

Foto Lightweight Flywheel Kg 0,800
FotoLightweight Flywheel Kg 0,800
The flywheel accumulates kinetic energy during the active phase and then delivers it in the subsequent phases.

With the energy accumulated by the flywheel, it is possible to overcome dead spots in the work cycle and compensate for any fluctuations in speed.

The flywheel mass, however, has the disadvantage of opposing the variations in speed, that is the reducing of the accelerations of the engine.

The advantage of installing a lightweight Kbike flywheel is that, given the lower inertia applied to the shaft, the engine can take turns faster and therefore improves acceleration, obtaining a more progressive management of the engine.

You will get a better acceleration at low revs, moreover the engine brake will decrease, which leads to a different control of this.

Attention, the installation of a lightweight flywheel affects the performance of the motorcycle so it must be followed by qualified mechanics / trainers who can also advise you according to your needs.

All Kbike products are made for Racing use only.

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