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Revision clutch slave cylinder ATT001

Clutch slave cylinder

Foto Revision clutch slave cylinder ATT001
By purchasing this item for one Euro you will earn a free revision of your clutch slave cylinder.
The only costs at your expense will be the shipping to our headquarter, that you need to do in person, with a traceable method, to this address:

Kbike Srl
Via Giacomo Puccini 84/86
23845 Costa Masnaga (Lecco)

and the return shipping after revision which will be automatically calculated by the system based on your address.

All components will be replaced except for the body and the cap of the clutch slave cylinder, which will be repackaged as new with the spare parts and will obviously retain the lifetime warranty.

In any case, the revision can only be made in our headquarter, we do not ship spare part kits.

It will not be necessary to present a proof of purchase so that even people who buy used motorcycles who have already installed this item can take advantage of the warranty.

All Kbike products are made for Racing use only.
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