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Clutch basket 48 teeth


Foto Clutch basket 48 teeth
FotoClutch basket 48 teeth
This basket is made of ERGAL 7075 T6 as ALL the bells we produce and as all it is hardoxidated with 50 microns, it is supplied with fixing screws (M8x20 10,9).

This basket allows a solution to the rapid wear of the original basket which has 12 teeth. Thanks to its constitution with 48 teeth, it allows a more homogeneous distribution of forces.

Ideal for track use, weight: 460 grams

We urge you to be extremely cautious with the multitude of clutch baskets that are clearly imported from Asia, which today are found online on various ecommerce sites, the material for constructing a clutch basket that can last over time and not have breakage is ERGAL any other alloy even if oxidized tough is not comparable to this. Clearly writing ergal on a sales offer is very simple, the only way to protect oneself is to buy from serious companies that have been in the industry for years and that can brand and certify what they design, produce and sell directly or with resellers.

All Kbike products are made for Racing use only.

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